Ever wondered why termites love the timber in Australian homes?

You may have found termites in your home or in the surrounding trees around your home just like these photos show. This is very common in Australia. Did you know termites love cellulous and protein? Timber alpha cellulose and hemicellulose provides termites with their sugar but where does the protein come from? Termites build water proof highways between the food source and the central colony.

The lignin extract from the timber which is a glue like compound binds together with mud to form wonderful humid corridors and chambers where fungi grows. Termites harvest this protein providing alternative food for the colony.

In these images a colony of termites have been treated with a highly effective termiticide called FipForce Aqua. 
FipForce is a leading brand of termite control in Australia and is used by registered termite specialist to control termites and protect homes. In short your home is made up of a wonderful smorgasbord of cellulose treats which means you need to be on the lookout. Always ask for an accredited FipForce Specialist to treat termites around your home.